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Store Open for Suits-Parka-Backpack

Please read

You will be able to order Suits-Parkas-Backpacks all year round on this site.   

Hoodies-T's and Caps can only be ordered during the order period.  

For order period items:  Screened items take 2.5 weeks to produce.  We start producing after the close of the order period.

Please order suits for meets at least 1 1/2 ahead of time to ensure plenty of time.

Order peiod items can be delivered by:  Store Pickup or USPS

 Order changes or cancelations can only be made BEFORE the order closing date.

Please call Tim at 310-452-2221 or email him at tim@theswimguy.com for order changes or cancellations

For Sea Wolves product questions:  contact Micahel or Tim at 310-452-2221 or email at mike@theswimguy.com.   tim@theswimguy.com

For website related technical issues: Contact Tim at 310-452-2221 or email him at tim@theswimguy.com 

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